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ERP Implementation Designed Around Your Unique Goals

ERP Implementation Designed Around Your Unique Goals

WorkWise has over 15 years of experience resulting in hundreds of successful ERP implementations. Our highly experienced consultants are among the most skilled in the industry. This guarantees you’ll work with a team of experts who not only understands the software, but also understands your industry and the various complexities and challenges you face.


Our approach to ERP implementation is driven by your unique business goals and emphasizes user education and involvement. During the implementation, WorkWise’s team of experts will help you plan and organize your project, conduct training, prototype functional areas of your business, implement process changes and complete timely conversions. Working closely with your key people and with ERP testing, the WorkWise team will ensure you are quickly up and running while achieving the desired results.

Our Proven 4-Step ERP Implementation Process

To ensure your ERP implementation is a success, Cores’s expert consultants will guide you through our customer-verified, four-step implementation process.

Discover Phase

This is the "get ready" phase designed to ensure a solid foundation for your ERP project. Our team of consultants will survey each of your functional areas in order to fully understand your business requirements, the impact of those requirements and your desired capabilities. Then we will custom-build an implementation plan based on your specifications. This phase also includes installation of Cores ERP software system and the initial data conversion.

Project planning

ERP installation

Operational review


Build Prototype

Initial data conversion

Implementation Phase

This is the "get set" phase and the most critical from an execution standpoint. Our consultants will thoroughly train your users, including walking them through a “day in the life of” your company. This phase also includes testing and issue resolution to certify your new ERP system is working properly.

Special training Workshops

Update prototype

Initial modeling

Develop reports



Setup users

Results Phase

This is the "go" phase where final conversions, training and testing are synchronized towards the cutover to WorkWise ERP. This phase includes all final modeling sessions, tests, improvements training and support needed before go live.

End user training

Final model

Readiness assessment

Final data conversion



Month-end close

After ERP Implementaion - Optimization

Our commitment to you doesn’t end after implementation. We partner with you for the long haul, providing continuous optimization services for your ERP software solution. Our team of professionals is available every step of the way, providing support and facilitating ongoing education, training and improvement initiatives.

ERP Software Support

Ongoing Education & training

Improvement Initiatives

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