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Ease of mind when all company employees' data are now stored on on place and ready anytime and anywhere you need them

Why Cores - HRready

End user-first approach to all Human Resource operations

Operation Centric

We listen to customers to explores all kind of works that would be essential ones in their HR-daily tasks. Therefore, our team is working hard to turn those ideas into practicall features on the platform. We love to listen to your ideas to make the HRready becomes more friendly, easy-to-use, operation-based practice to cater most of your need.

Decision Making​

Business owner and HR manager have complete control over the workfoce. By automatically transform HR data into usefull reports and dasboards, owner and manager have no doubt and might make decision quickly to build better and well-structured organisation.


Cloud-based HR platform that caters almost operation from employee data, time-off, payslips, attendance records on cloud, anyone can access to the system anytime and anywhere to handle their works. The platform has transform HR operation into a new form of working style while unprecendented events may occur like Covid-19 pandemic.

Data Integration​

All kinds of HR data is now integrated and stored in one place. This is excellent way to manage the HR operations and the basic for analysis toward a better understanding the employee performance, cost and a swift decision making.

What is HRready?

With our passion to build all-in-one Human Resource Management system (we name it - HRready) that is able to cater most of HR department daily tasks in only one single platform with an ease. HR manager and staff are now handle almost of their works easier anytime and anywhere.
Our goal is to transform and digitalize your daily works to be easier, faster and more productive.

What does HRready has?

Employee record keeping

Keep track all employee records in the platform where HR can access and trace for everything they need.


Is your C&B staff overwhelmed every month with payroll?
Now, Payroll for hundres of employee in few minutes is never easy than this. Payslips are automatically created and avaiable to everyone.


Manage leave and biz trip requests easier and managers/supervisors can have approval simultaneously and anywhere with only a smart device or a computer with wifi connected.

News & Notification

With our build-in notification feature, HR team can prepare and inform everything to people internally with an ease. Employee get noticed through the HRready app.

Document management

With our build-in document management feature, HR team is not only store documents for the department, they are also able to share to others across the organisation with an ease.

Access & Permission control

HR administrator can be able set out access and permission to every employee of the organisation. The administor can easily update the access for anyone without impacting to others.

Attendance management

The system is developed with different ways to cover your organisation practice in term of attendance management. HR staff can now upload time attendance record file to the system or we can be able to integrate the system directly to time-keeper devices


Now, the organisation creates job vacancies in few minutes and starting hiring talents through our Cores’s job E-Hiring portal and webpage. A good news is that all stakeholders in this hiring process can join in and coordinate during a recruitment campaign

Cores - HRready

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