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Why E-Hiring?

Access to thousand of oppotunities from coporations and talents national wide only in a single platform

With Cores E-Hiring, you are able to access oppotunities from giant corporations to challenge and experience your true strength or hiring the most talented candidates and experts.

Job opportunities: You have chance to discover thousand of jobs posted daily, don’t miss it!
Talents access: The platform that you can access thousands and more candidates
Full hiring process: Recruiters can collaborate with their clients and candidates in one place for the whole hiring process


Never miss out opportunities

Search for thousand hot jobs and you never miss out chance to challenge your ability and skills

Manage all job postings in one place

Create profile in minutes

Save your favourite jobs and apply later


Manage all job postings in one place

Be able to create new job opportunities and keep track number of resumes received

Get manage every job in one consistent process

Reviewing and Process application easily

Applying Kanban method in manage and process the application make the work easier and centralised in one place

Recruiters and reviewers are able to get know the applicants status and what they should proceed to shorten the recruiting process and find the best suite talents for organisation

Mailing and Interview Scheduling

Scheduling for interview 

Emailing for interview appointment 

Emailing for completing online skill assessment

Manage all rating of any applicant

Stakeholders Collaboration

Experts and other Stakeholders in your organisation can join in the hiring process easily

The smart collaboration shorten the hiring process through valuable assessments

E-Hiring Pricing

Try it for FREE FOREVER to access a thousand jobs and talents today!