Cores Vietnam is proud of providing excellent solutions and trusted integrated enterprise systems to our customers

About Us

Cores Vietnam is proud of using sophisticated programs and techniques to provide excellent solutions and develops integrated information systems for businesses to help them utilize, optimize their resources, manpower, and foremost to thrive them to success.

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Auditing, consulting and analyzing business operating systems
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Developing and upgrading current business systems
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Implementing and operating integrated systems of business

Professional services

Cores Vietnam provides four main services, from integrated information software to mobile application development. We focus on helping businesses to develop and implement integrated information system to thrive their business succeed.

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Website development
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Mobile development
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Enterprise software
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Our products.

We are proud of developing and implementing successfully our products to more than 100+ customers national wide. Let’s check out our products today!


Human Resource Management

Cores-HRM is a cloud-based and easy-to-use HR system for small and medium size companies. Cores-HRM provides seamless functions to track leave & attendance, employees’ data management, payroll, and performance management.

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Competency System

Competency System

This software is the perfect tool which is suitable for senior managers to be able set up a strategic human resource plan including evaluating and assessing employees’ capability and performance. It is important to put the company into right hands. According to the tool evaluation, managers can make important decision in human resource management.

The following key functions which is offered to companies:

  •  Evaluate precisely employees performance through comprehensive evaluating matrix 
  • Build development and training plans for company
  • Recruit right employees who are best fit to position and to company
  • Key tool to make decisions for promotion, salary review
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BSC-KPIs System

KPIs system is an essential tool which companies should have. It is the sophisticated management tool to keep track all productivity from operations through a set of KPIs.

This tool helps managers and senior executives to implement KPIs to all departments and individuals across company and review reports in weekly, monthly and annually basic. With KPIs system, the companies will know how well they are and what they have to do to achieve great success.

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Website Development Tool

Our experienced developers have expertise in building website tool which is suitable for anyone to create their own websites. People can make stunning websites in minutes from scratch and they will be compatible and responsive in both desktop and mobile devices.

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Mobile Development

Cores also offers mobile application development service. Those powerful mobile applications are built by using optimal coding, best programming practices with iOS and Android platform.

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